7㎡ P1.9 Indoor front access LED screen ready for shipment to Australia

Product info:

Product Type: IFA1000x250

Pixel Pitch: P1.9

Panel size: 1000x250mm 

Panel Quantity: 32PCS

Brightness: 800 nits 

Package: Wooden case 

Spare parts

Spare Module: 8 PCS

Spare Power supply: 2 PCS

Spare receiving card:  4 PCS

Spare cable: 2 PCS

Spare IC: 100 PCS

Spare lamps: 500 PCS

Other necessary spare parts: 1% 

P1.9 Indoor front access led screen key features:

100% front access & install & service 

Easy and quick installation

Special design bracket

Goods before shipment

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