LED screens for Shop

LED Screens for Retail

LED Screens for Shop: The competition for retail industry is really tough, how to stand out from your competitors? Investing a led screens for your retails stores is the best solution. Bring potential shoppers to your door and engage them with visual promotions to make purchase decisions in-store

LED Screens for Retail

Impactful first impression: Foot traffic means sales. How to get a strong first impression from potential consumers? Of course it’s the retail store’s front shop window. What if we invest a transparent led display on the front window, so the potential consumers can see the promotions and merchandise from the high brightness and transparency window transparent led display, while keeping the light for the store.

In time Promotion campaign: Using a led screens for a retail promotion campaign is faster, time and cost saving compared to the printed posters. You can publish and change the promotions from your headquarters to all stores nationwide in a minute via the web platform. Investing a led screens for your store really save lots of cost compared with other traditional printing poster, no need to send labors onsite to install the promotion posters for a single campaign use, just using a mouse to click and send the promotion campaign via a user friendly web platform to all the led screens deployed for your retail stores and you can change it at any time with no cost. We help Colette by Colette Hayman deployed 150+ 86″ LCD screens and over 300㎡ Commercial & Professional LED Screens mainly P3.75 to Colette’s flagship stores across Australia and UK, such as Melbourne Central flagship store, Colette Westfield North Lakes, Colette Chadstone and 2 x flagship stores in UK, Colette Straford and Colette Arndale flagship stores.

LED Screens for Retail

Enhance brand image: A custom led screens not only helping drive traffic to your stores, but also help enhance your brand image. customizing a led screen to match your brand logo is truly a WOW factor that can help your brand to stand out. Worth led provide custom led screen for brand logos.

Influence consumers make purchasing decision: Who don’t want to look as fabulous as the cloth models on the led screens? Retail operators converted to retail led displays for their timeliness and accuracy, and because adding fabulous visuals on the led screens can boost sales.