LED Display Supplier in China

Shenzhen Worth MediaTek Co Ltd specialized in China LED screen manufacturing since 2014. 

  • We select the best possible raw materials and use cutting edge production line to produce the highest possible quality LED Screens in China.
  • Our top priority is our customers, because they are the reasons why we’re in the LED screens business. 
  •  We treat you(our customers) with integrity and 100% transparency. 
  • You always got what you paid for and we deliver what we promised.  
  • 300+ worldwide LED screens projects installed in all industries.

LED Display Supplier for all markets

LED screens for DOOH
LED Screens for DOOH
led screens for corporate
LED Screens for Corporate
LED screens for retail
LED Screens for Shop
LED screen for church
LED Screens for Church
LED Screens for events
LED Screens for Events
LED Screens for hospitality
LED Screens for Hospitality

LED Display Supplier for all industries 

LED screens for hotel in Australia
Mantra Epping Hotel in Australia
LED screens for corporate
LED Screens for Corporate
LED screens for airport in USA
LED Screens for airport in USA
custom led screens in France
Custom LED screens in France
LED Screens for Hotel in Australia
LED Screens for Hospitality in Australia
LED display for Retail in Australia
LED Display for Retail in Australia

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retail led screens
Retail led screens-The ultimate guild
Custom LED display-Useful tips

New Cases

14.75㎡ P2.5 indoor LED Screen ship to Thailand
30㎡ curved outdoor led display delivered to Europe
15.75㎡ GOB Indoor Led Screen Delivered To Europe
P1.9 indoor front access led screen
7㎡ P1.9 front access led screen ready for shipment to Australia
P1.25 LED video wall
5.0625㎡ P1.25 LED video wall delivered to United States
60㎡ P3.9 outdoor led display delivered to Europe

Ease your concerns

What is meant by LED display?

A LED display is a flat panel display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. Their brightness allows them to be used outdoors where they are visible in the sun for store signs and billboards.

How many types of LED display are there?

There are outdoor led display, indoor led display , rental led display and creative led display. Illustrated by our website: 

  • Outdoor led display: FIXED & DOOH
  • Indoor LED display: Commercial & Professional LED Screen, Ultra-High Definition LED Screens
  • Rental led display: LED screen rental
  • Creative led display: Custom led display is a type of led screens customized to be any shapes and sizes.

How do i choose a led display for my project, outdoor or indoor one?

Outdoor displays are made to withstand extreme sun and lightning while resistant to leaks for specific geographical locations. Indoor led display do not need these features. When choose led display for your project, you should look at these factors: 

  • Where the led display will be installed, outdoor or indoor environment?
  • What is the viewing distance from the audiences to the LED display? for recommending the best pixel pitch. A Pixel pitch refers to the vertical and horizontal distance between individual LED pixels on a led display. Different pixel pitch the price is different. 
  • Brightness: Brightness is a very important element for led display. For outdoor led display the minimum brightness will be 6,000 nits when direct sun hit it. For indoor led display the brightness will be much lower normally 1,000 nits brightness led screen will be good.  
  • Screen size on Width x height accordingly to your budget. 
  • Price and Warranty: You may be tempted to choose the least expensive LED display option, but you’re likely to get what you pay for. Low-cost suppliers use lower-quality LEDs — not proven quality components. Worth LED always use high quality raw materials to ensure 3 year warranty and longevity after sale service for our LED screen products. 

How can i install a led display?

  • Wall mounted: All our led display are front access, which means they can be installed directly on the wall to save venue space. This is the most popular installation method now, considering its easy maintenance service, low cost for operation and aesthetic. 
  • Installed on poles: This is normally for outdoor fixed installation, such as advertising led display on roads. 
  •  Installation method will be varied according to different architectures. Worth LED have rich experiences for installing a led display, we will provide concept design according to your venue conditions, etc. 

How much a led display cost?

The price for a led display are normally charged based on per square meter or per panel size. These factors below will affect the overall cost. 

  • Indoor or outdoor use: Indoor led display normally require higher resolution,  so its price is normally higher, especially if you a require a led display under pixel pitch 1.9mm. 
  • Screen size: The larger the screen, the more panels you will need. 
  • Pixel pitch: The smaller pixel pitch, the higher resolution and cost. 


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