LED screens for Events

LED Screens for events

LED screens for Events: From virtual production led screens to concerts and sports. Worth LED offers a wide range of rental led screens with stunning performance to make an unforgettable experience for audiences.

LED Screens for events

virtual production led screens:
Virtual Production Sets provide dynamic backdrops for various productions such as series, movies, entertainment shows, corporate events, virtual events. So for the virtual production, it’s important to get the LED screens, led screen video processor and camera work together right. With our expertise for the led screens, we are able to propose you the right virtual production led screens.

LED screens for events: We sell rental led screens for events, but we don’t do events. In events industry, timing is money. For instance, we take one of the most busiest venue Madison Square garden for an example, which is the home teams for New York Knicks, New York Rangers and St John’s Red storm men’s basketball. It also hosts approximately 320 events per year according to Wikipedia. How the venue manager manage these events smoothly, especially when lots of visual technologies involved? Therefore a rental led screen with lightweight, easy and fast for setup and disassembly saves lots of time and money. Above all Worth led’s rental led screens are the perfect solution.

Rental led screens for exhibition: How to make your exhibition booth stand out and drive more foot traffic? A exhibition led screen plays an important role. For instance, using a giant led screen as a big TV to showcase your company’s history, development and vision to help visitors understand you better and generate opportunities. Furthermore an exhibition led screen is your business card, which represent your company’s image.

LED Screens for events

Rental led screens for sports: Sports is all about led displays, from NBA basketball to NFL, Football, tennis, golf you name it, led displays play a very important role in sports sector. From welcoming fans to the arena, introducing athletes and replay highlights during the game, which gives fans an exciting atmosphere. At the same time inspires athletes to perform at their best. LED displays also can be used as a scoreboard, timing boards to help athletes make fast decisions.