DOOH & Fixed LED display

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Fixed led display: OFA960 Series is a high-end LED display with 960x960mm aluminum cabinet.

Designed and built with curves to meet special building structure such as seamless 90° right angle shapes and cube shapes.

From digital billboard LED Display on the road to digital information and advertising LED display in bus shelters and transportation, OFA960 series is the perfect choice.

Outdoor Led Display Board

Overview: The main difference between OFA960 and OFA1000 is that OFA960 come with 960x960mm standard cabinet size, while OFA1000 come with 1000x1000mm standard cabinet.

Outdoor fine pitch led display

Overview: The main difference of OFA Fine pitch compared with OFA960 and OFA1000 series is that OFA fine pitch come with 3 different cabinet size 500x1000mm, 500x750mm and 500x500mm and offer smaller pixel pitch in P2.97, P3.91, and P4.81 for outdoor fixed installation.

Overview: One stop solution, Combining the latest led display technology with an aesthetically designed housing. We are the first to incorporate digital outdoor led display to our art of designed LED Totem.