What Is Micro LED And Who Are The Leading Manufacturers In China?

what is Micro LED and who are the leading manufacturers in China?

1.What is Micro LED?

Micro LED is believed to be the future of LED display technology.

Micro LED is a LED screens composed of a combination of LED chips below 50 microns and an active drive . It is a miniaturization and array of traditional LEDs.

 2.What are the advantages of Micro LED?

Compared with the current SMD LED display technology, Micro LED has the advantages of higher brightness, high resolution, high contrast, high reliability, low power consumption, long life, etc.

3. Who are the leading Micro LED manufactures in China?

Micro LEDs have broad application prospects, from commercial applications to consumer electronics, are areas where Micro LEDs can show their talents. Especially in the field of large-size displays, Micro LED has officially entered mass production mode.

Leyard, https://en.leyard.com/

As one of the pioneers in the field of Micro LED, Leyard has taken the lead in realizing the research and development, mass production and large-scale commercialization of Micro LED. It was report that in 2021, its newly signed Micro LED orders will reach 320 million yuan, with a production capacity of 800KK/month. It is expected to achieve a production capacity of 1600KK/month by the end of this year.

LEDMAN, https://www.ledman.com/

LEDMAN is a public traded manufacturer who only focus on Micro LED technology many year ago and they are doing great.

After Ledman released the Micro LED giant screen product based on COB technology, it also officially extended from the Business side to the Consumer side, embarking on the road to develop the consumer-level application market.

Worth MediaTech was proud to supply a Micro LED P1.2 to South Korea market recently. The customer is very pleased with our high quality and willing to pay more orders with this Micro LED screens.

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