LCD/LED Totem/Billboard for DOOH

LCD/LED totem/Billboard for DOOH

Did you frustrated by difficult to find the correct suppliers for your digital LED Totems/Billboards?

To put it simply, there are actually 2 products/2 manufacturers for the LED Totems, one is LED display and the other one is Totem/Billboard frame.

The LED display manufacturer are specially for manufacturing LED displays, but not good at designing/producing the beautiful Totems/Billboard.

The Totem/ Billboard framer builder are specially for designing/building the frames, but they are not in the LED display industry.

Worth MediaTech as a One stop solution provider is fortunate to put the LED displays manufacturer and Totem/Billboard frame builder together.

Since 2014, Worth MediaTech was committed to supply LED displays for our clients worldwide, especially for Australia market and some of the Europe market.

We are now able to manufacture LCD/LED Totems/Billboard as standard products per above photo, custom design is also available thanks to our strong R&D ability.

Some of the projects we did recently.